My high school experience has been quite a ride. It has had ups and downs, but the most amazing outcome in the end. My life has been shaped by being adopted by an amazing family after fourteen years of physical and verbal abuse where I was hidden from the world. High school has been hard for me because, after freshmen year, the physical and verbal abuse increased astronomically. I, unfortunately, attempted suicide, but I chose to run away because of a little voice that saved me. It said, “I am not done with you yet.”

After I ran away, I went into foster care and started 10th grade at Menasha High School. Four months into the foster care system, my stepmother gave up her rights over me. After some time, another pair of foster parents wanted to adopt me out of the kindness in their hearts. Up until then, I was sent to another foster home in Fond du Lac for three months and was introduced to my lovely adopted parents. I am now living happily with two cats and am grateful to be a student at North. I hoped to have a chance to be an athlete and be a part of something as important as the great community we have here at North. My favorite part of my life is my little sister. It feels like she is my twin and nobody could break us apart. She has always been there for me, especially against my bullies, even when she didn’t have to be. To give you a hint of how strong our bond is, we did anything and everything just to make the other person happy. We would play like we were in a pack of wolves or adventurers exploring the world. We were like two peas in a pod. One happy tale that once seemed unlikely for me was when I got a dog. When I was seven, I begged for a puppy for my next birthday, so my dad decided to pick one out while I was at school. I fell asleep and woke up to a little tan, blue-eyed pitbull licking my face. I loved her so much that I named her Bella Blue. My sister and Bella Blue brought light into my world; with the kindness and love they have provided me in the past, I can always reflect on that light to help me move forward despite my struggles today. And lastly, the one thing that I would say about my life story is that the real world is tough. Your plans can change any minute and if you aren’t flexible or ready for it, it can hit you hard. When it comes, just remember that you are okay and breathe. When times are hard, talk it through, let your emotions out in a healthy way, and just remember to listen to your heart and soul through it all.