Welcome to our website

Megha Uberoi, Senior Editor-in-chief

The Noctiluca, Appleton North’s school newspaper, has launched its brand new website. Making the transition from a print to web medium certainly has its challenges, but also has invaluable advantages. Choosing to go online was a necessity in this modern technology driven age as people expect information to be readily available at their fingertips.

A website opens up so many more possibilities in articles by making news more timely and accessible to our readers. Breaking news, sports scores, and daily features all become possibilities with this website’s launch. We have the potential to publish information any hour of the day. Worrying about enough space for all our stories is now no longer an issue as there is limitless room for content. Contributors have the freedom to write about what they want, when they want.

Launching a website will also allow the editorial team to delve more in depth into investigative reporting in our printed newspaper. Printed issues can focus more on ongoing articles and hard hitting news stories, which are our responsibility to publish. Having a new website will really allow us to cover news on all ends of the spectrum.

Working on both a print version and website will be demanding, but our mission is still to bring our readers the news of what’s happening in your community. Happy reading!