Humans of Appleton North: Claude Muhire


Megha Uberoi , Senior Editor-in-Chief

Claude’s parents were refugees from the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo).
“There is a conflict in the Congo that forced them to leave. I was born in Rwanda and I grew up in Rwanda. Because you are a refugee you have to wait to study in middle school and high school. There were 2,000 people in the school where I went.
We studied English, but we spoke in French because of our heritage from the Congo.
“There is an organization that helps people come to the United States. They ask you if you are interested in going and then there is paperwork you must fill out in order to come here. My family did this.
“Here students wander the halls all the time during school like they do not want to be in class. In Rwanda, once you were in class you stayed in class and did not leave. We were not allowed to leave. We were pushed to focus only on our studies; there was no time for wandering the halls. We all liked school and did not want to leave.
“I came here with my parents and one of my sisters. My parents wanted better opportunities and a better life for us than we had in Rwanda. Three of my sisters are still back in Rwanda. Hopefully one day they will be able to come to the United States as well.
“ Appleton North is a very different community than from what I grew up in, but I like it. There is lots to study especially in math. I really enjoy my geometry class.
“I like to play soccer. That is my favorite activity. I also have been reading about the history of my country, the Congo. I am interested in the conflicts that are going on there right now.”