Humans of Appleton North: Jack Heimerl

Devon Lehman, Contributor

“Working in home construction is much harder than I could have imagined. I knew going into construction that it would be hard work but I really had no idea. I was overall just very surprised with the entire experience. A lot of my co-workers are different than what I would have expected, I mean there is definitely a stereotypical construction worker that wears Levi jeans, a red flannel shirt, tan Timberland boots, and of course the yellow hardhat. Thing is, most of the guys I work with showed up to work everyday in shorts and a T-shirt. I found out very quickly that safety measures I thought should be taken were generally not. These guys were super funny but quite careless at the same time. It was very odd of how sure they were that they were safe doing very unsafe things that they probably should have done differently. It really was pretty easy to get along with all my co-workers and get to know them. I found construction to be much more of a team- based job that required a lot more communication with co-workers than most other jobs especially for kids my age. Although most of those guys are not what I expected [them to be like], I found myself getting to know them pretty easily and I’m glad I got to experience what I did. ”