Humans of Appleton North: Shannon O’Brien

Addisyn Kohlbeck, Contributor

“Writing is limitless,” said Shannon O’Brien, who wants to pursue writing as her career. Her inspiration for writing began when she was little and she saw her sister playing with dolls. She would create story lines for the dolls and give them character and personality. As a result of this, she would later turn these story lines into short stories by documenting everything.

Her favorite genre to write is fantasy but she also enjoys realistic fiction. Her stories usually involve a darker fantasy theme but she makes sure to incorporate her sense of humor into them in her own way. O’Brien likes to separate the characters she creates from herself and make them each different in their own way.

She finds inspiration through peculiar music and makes playlists off of them to write her stories. “I find comfort in words that I don’t find in real life.” Writers that motivate O’Brien are Stephen King and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Her goal is to publish her three hundred and ongoing page book that she has been continuing to write for years. The ultimate dream is to have that story come to a reality by becoming a book-to-film adaption. The passion that she has through her own unique version of art as writing is what will drive her to reaching her goals seamlessly.