Sarah E. Fleming
Hi! My name is Sarah Elizabeth Fleming, and I am the Online Editor. If you ever notice that the website looks different it's because I like to change it up once in a while. When I'm not working for the Noctiluca, you can find me being yelled at by Maddie Clark, working at Twigs and Vines Floral, or taking a nap because I am so tired. If I ever look mad while walking in the halls, don't worry! That's just my natural expression. If you want to write an article of any kind, do not be afraid to email me, and I'll be happy to help you. One fun fact about me is that I have a heart shaped birthmark on my left foot and only one dimple on the left side of my face. Have any content ideas? I'd love to hear them! Contact me at [email protected].

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor

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