Humans of Appleton North: Kala Lones


Kala Lones sings at a local coffee house

Linnea Edwards, Features Editor

Appleton North Senior Kala Lones, who was recently voted the Fox Valley Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year, roots her joy in creating music. Lones’s music is not only an emotional and creative outlet for herself, but is additionally an inspiration for creators and musicians, as well as an indicator of the influence that music can have on someone’s life. 

From an early age, Kala was influenced by her family’s natural affinity towards music. As Kala puts it, “Music is a coping mechanism.” To this day, her family manages to make situations lighthearted, by making songs out of any conversation. Given her musical circumstances, it is apparent where Kala began her song-writing career. 

Kicking off the publicity of her music on SoundCloud under the artist name Poet22, Kala’s listeners are serenaded by her smooth voice and jazzy beats. Any listener could testify that Poet22’s music is heartfelt, and connects to the audience with an air of authenticity.  In terms of where she wants to go with her music, Lones wants to “eventually have a whole album and merch, and maybe even perform at Mile of Music.” Kala has performed at various coffee houses and gigs around Appleton. When asked what her most valued song is, Lones responds, “The song “Home” is very important to me; it is an ode to the important people in my life.”

Valued by the Boys and Girls Club, a place that she grew up attending, Kala was awarded the title of the Fox Valley Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year. In her nomination speech, Lones states that she envisions “a world filled with authenticity, connection, and purpose” for America’s youth. Having had her share of mental health struggles, Lones is open about this stigmatized subject, and acknowledges that she is not alone in the battle. She trusts that “with radical self love, honest conversation, and community, we can overcome this mental health crisis.” Given the fact that mental health issues are ever-present in America’s youth, she advises, “something I wish somebody would’ve told me a long time ago is that it’s OK to hit rock bottom, it’s gonna be okay.” 

Finding solace in writing songs and making music, Lones has always held a place in her heart for music. Through Kala’s powerful messages, genuine presence, and sincere music, she finds a purpose in bringing authenticity into the world, one song at a time.