Break the Outbreak

Linnea Edwards, Features Editor

Originally founded in Dublin, California by a group of teenagers, the now nationally-established 501c(3) nonprofit organization, Break the Outbreak, seeks to maintain healthy communities and vibrant local economies in the midst of COVID-19 by producing and donating PPE (personal protective equipment), such as masks, sanitizer, and face shields.

Upon contacting Appleton North’s very own Nimrit Sodhi, who is the Director of the Fox Cities Chapter of Break the Outbreak, I was able to learn more about this organization that is diligently providing life-saving resources to local businesses.

“When and why was the Fox Cities chapter founded?” I asked Nimrit.

“I found out about Break the Outbreak and opened the local chapter along with Brett Dunn, Amanda Padgett, Sarah Sisto, and Leona Wong in October 2020.” She noticed how destructive the COVID-19 pandemic had been on businesses in the Fox Cities, and wanted to do everything she could to help. “ I felt like there needed to be more done within our communities,” she reflects in her biography on the Break the Outbreak website.

“Do you have a basis for who you are going to donate to?”

“No, we basically contact as many businesses as possible.” Given this, the nonprofit acknowledges the higher chance for local businesses to experience turbulence during this time. They mainly focus their efforts on small business rather than chains, as chains are not as likely to need the resources.

Find out more about Break the Outbreak and their national mission on their website,, and follow the Fox Cities chapter on instagram, @btobfoxcities.

If you or someone you know has connections to a local business that could benefit from a PPE donation, please feel free to message the instagram, or reach out to Nimrit at [email protected].