Teachers’ Pets Part I


Chiara Cole, Graphics Editor

No, not that kind of teacher’s pet. Today, we are looking at some of the adorable animals Appleton North teachers and staff have at home. After reading, remember to vote for your favorite. Part two is coming soon!!

Gatsby and Bleau

  • Teachers: Mr. and Mrs. Hermansen
  • Type: Gatsby is a golden retriever and Bleau is a yellow Labrador retriever.
  • Pets’ characteristics: Gatsby is malleable and needy, he is neurotic and affectionate, and he is kind and clingy.  Bleau is strong-willed and athletic, he is inconsiderate, loud, and obedient.
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: Gatsby has to pick up any shoe that is in sight when a visitor comes; he uses the shoe as leverage to try and gain your attention and affection.  Bleau has no sense of space or size; he thinks he is a lap dog who weighs nearly 100 pounds.














Rex, Clark, and Jim

  • Teachers: Mr. and Mrs. Berlowski 
  • Type: Rex is a dog, while Clark and Jim are fish.
  • Pets’ characteristics: Rex has one ear up all the time, was rescued, and loves people. Clark and Jim are female and they constantly antagonize each other. Mr. and Mrs. Berlowski compare them to their two daughters.  
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: Whenever Rex smiles!














Liberty (a.k.a. Sweetie Baby)

  • Teacher: Sra. Meyer
  • Type: Liberty is a cat.
  • Pet’s characteristics: Liberty is super social: She comes when I call her and goes to the door when someone knocks or rings the doorbell; she likes to greet people and will smell them and lick them. She’s quite talkative as well. Also, I have taught her to “get ready” when she leaves, so she hides near the kitchen island and waits for me to throw a toy. She is also SUPER cute.
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: She snuggles with me while I sleep, and doesn’t get up in the morning until I do.















  • Teacher: Ms. Woller
  • Type: Wilson is a weiner dog.
  • Pet’s characteristics: Wilson can do many tricks, such as shake, hive five, sit pretty, spin. His favorite treats are shredded cheese and frozen blueberries. He likes to bark at construction cones and has many girlfriends (his #1 girl is Maple at daycare).
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: He follows me everywhere, or I must be in his eye range. He will play fetch but only bring the ball back 90% of the way, and you have to go the other 10%. I also enjoy Wilson’s severe attitude problem and his ears flapping in the wind on a boat ride.












  • Teacher: Mrs. Park
  • Type: Tiara is a parrot.
  • Pets’ characteristics: Tiara talks and can make many noises. Tiara also imitates rings and sounds.
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: Whenever Tiara copies guests’ laughs.















Elsa, Lulu, and Willow

  • Teacher: Mrs. Davis
  • Type: Elsa is a dog, while Lulu and willow are guinea pigs.
  • Pets’ characteristics: Elsa is a talker. She sounds like she is trying to have a conversation with you. She loves to snuggle; she will bury her whole head into you. Lulu is the boss. She loves to be held but hates to be picked up. Her favorite snack is any fresh fruit or vegetable you give her except celery: She hates celery. Willow is NOISY!  She will “wheek” at the top of her lungs to beg for food. She is also an “abyssinian” guinea pig which means she has some crazy cool hair. She will eat anything, including your hair if you aren’t careful when holding her.
  • Something that makes you smile: Everything! My pets are part of our family. I have had different pets my whole life and it is amazing to see how different the personalities can be. They are such comforting creatures when you have had a bad day, or if you just need to unwind. My mother bought me a sign for my house that says, “home is where someone runs to greet you” and I cannot imagine coming home and not having a lovable fur-baby waiting at the door.











Sir Paul McCartney

  • Teacher: Mrs. Bruce
  • Type: Sir Paul McCartney is a Sphynx cat.
  • Pets’ characteristics: Sir Paul is a Sphynx, or hairless cat. He is two years old, feels like a baby’s bottom, and does not like those silly sweaters some people put on their animals. He is very vocal and “talks” to us all the time. Sir Paul is more like a dog than cat: He will “fetch” various toys, comes when called, takes walks outside along our cement plant border, and opens the pantry closet door to dig out potato chips (his favorite snack).
  • Something that your pet does that makes you smile: Sir Paul loves to snuggle under blankets to take naps and curls up into a ball when he does so. We love him despite his weird traits and habits!