New Year’s Resolutions

Lubabah Ali, Co-News Editor

With a new year comes a fresh desire to change for the better, even in minor ways. Although it is certainly true that we shouldn’t restrict self-improvement to January 1, you have to acknowledge the distinct appeal that comes with doing so when the year changes. Here are a few resolutions from North’s teachers!

Ms. Brusda: will attempt to stop cracking her knuckles, as she has formed a decades-long habit of it.

Mr. Burt: will try to to read one book by the end of the year.

Mrs. Chojnacki: will gain thirty-five pounds (she’s expecting!).

Mrs. Cooper: wants to reflect on and note at least one thing she is grateful for that day.

Mr. Hermansen: does not, in fact, make New Year’s resolutions; rather, he sets goals for himself throughout the year instead of limiting them to a holiday.

Mr. Kellenberger: has stopped making resolutions for the new year, finding that he never keeps them.

Sra. P. Meyer: wants to take her cat outside for a walk at least once a week.

Sra. Peterson: will exercise five times a week.

Mrs. Rietveld: wants to drink more water.