The Theater Team: North’s One Act

Mya Koffie

One Act is a competitive performance program in which Appleton North participates during the fall. Schools all across the state put on plays approximately forty minutes in length. These plays are judged by theater professionals; the best performances, sets, ensembles, and actors receive awards. 


“I didn’t start out doing theater…I didn’t want to be an actor,” Emily Hodson admits with a laugh, no doubt reflecting on her fascinating trajectory. Three years ago, Emily wrote an article for the one and only Noctiluca about Appleton North’s One Act. This year, Emily secured the lead role – and did a fabulous job – in Julius Caesar, North’s 2021 One Act. 

A talented artist, Emily initially took interest in the technical side of theater. She imagined she would focus primarily on scenic painting as a part of the tech crew. An illness and her mother changed her plans. “I swam on the varsity swim team as a freshman, [but] I ended up getting really sick mid-season,” Emily explains. She found a family amongst the “fun and quirky bunch of people” when she participated in North’s Haunted House, and the camaraderie inspired her to audition for the musical. “My mom, two weeks before auditions, convinced me to audition as an actor instead of a technician,” Emily recounts. “I haven’t really gone back since.” 

Emily, in addition to leading as a Drama Club Officer, has acted in nine North shows, including three One Acts. Her stage presence is undeniably compelling. The precision and accuracy behind her every motion and emotion imbues awe from each audience. Emily emphasizes the importance of recognizing the humanity of each group member and coming together to produce art. About her One Act experience, she states, “One Act is way more about the people than it is about the show…You realize that, as cliche as it is, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’”


Appeared in Noctiluca‘s November 2021 Issue