Aurora Smith, Junior Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Buyze has achieved many things in her time at Appleton North. She has been involved in the Noctiluca, debate and math team, DECA, Student Council, Fox Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, State Honors Orchestra, as well as the tennis team. It’s been a lot of work, and when asked what three words describe her senior year, Andrea said, “Senioritis, Senioritis, Senioritis.” However, even with all of the excitement and readiness to complete her high school career and move on to the next chapter, there’s a lot she will miss about North too. Most of all, she said she will miss the people. In her words: “There are a lot of people I’ve met under circumstances like class seating charts that I bonded with, and I’ll never have that same relationship with them again… Going along with that, there are so many teachers who have made such big impacts on my life that I will definitely miss them. Special shoutout to Mr. Kellenberger, Mrs. Brusda, Mrs. Cooper, and Mrs. Chojnacki!” Andrea has learned a lot at North, but she’s ready to move on to her next chapter at UW-Madison. She’s excited to start living life on her own. “A lot of what you do in high school is guided and making my own decisions is going to be hard but in a good way. I’m just really excited to learn more about myself, be challenged, and figure out who I am.” Looking back at her time at North, it’s clear that a lot has changed regarding Andrea’s perspective of the world since she was a freshman. When asked what advice she would give to her freshman self, she said that she wishes she could remind herself that, “It’s not a big deal. Everything seems so much bigger and scarier than it actually is. If you’re embarrassed about something, nobody is actually going to notice. People don’t care as much as you think they do, so just act however you want to act and be whoever you want to be. Mrs. Cooper said this is called the ‘Spotlight’ effect. We think everyone notices us more than we do, but we need to remember this is a psychological effect, not actually the truth.” Andrea is an amazing person and is on to do great things after Appleton North. As someone who has worked with Andrea closely in numerous clubs, she has always been someone who I looked up to and respected. She has been able to be both super cool and smart at the same time and is an easy person to look up to. Although I’m going to miss Andrea a lot, I’m super excited because I know she’s going to do astonishing things in the future, and I’ll be happy to watch!