Week of 10/19/15 Cheers and Jeers

Fatima Ali, Co-Centerspread Editor



Watching Sporting Events-Sure it may be 40 degrees outside, but watching sports events are totally worth it, especially when there are attractive soccer players running around the field scoring goals and performing intricate passes.


Random October Break Next Week (October 29-30)-Still haven’t figured out why we have that break, but okay, I’ll take it!


Pumpkin Spice Season-Now you don’t just have to go to Bath and Body works for this scent, everywhere you go now, there is literally pumpkin spice everywhere.  Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice room fragrances…


Presidential Debates-It doesn’t matter what your political views are, presidential feuds are fun for anyone of any age to watch.  Plus you can learn so many new comebacks and insults that you can eventually use against your enemies in a heated argument.


“The Limit Does Not Exist”- I can finally understand what this famous quote from Mean Girls finally means!  And even better, I can feel just as good as Cady Heron, when I blurt out this answer in the middle of calc class!  




The Unpredictable Wisconsin Weather-One day we need to wear our scarves, mittens, and jackets that you typically need to wear on a polar expedition.  The next day, it is 80 degrees outside and it feels like summer vacation!  Why can’t Mother Nature just make up her mind? Why?


Random pickles lying on the commons’ floor-Shoutout to those pickles lying on the floor, who just somehow manage to slide on over, and proceed to make someone not only trip, but slide on to a different table.  Bonus effects if you are carrying a 20 pound backpack, chromebook, lunchbox, and 3 other AP textbooks.


Edmodo quizzes- Quizzes that have very few questions, but if you get a couple of questions wrong, your grade ends up sinking like the Titanic.


Warm Classrooms-Sure, it may be one of the best things ever, but on closer thought you realize that it is easier to fall into a very comfortable nap in the middle of one of your boring classes.  And that is never a good thing.


The Start of The Holiday Season- It’s only October now, which means Halloween will shortly be approaching us.  Soon however, Thanksgiving will come, then Christmas, and then the start of a new year.  Pretty soon, in the blink of an eye, AP exam season will approach us and then a few weeks after, our current seniors will be graduating.  Pretty scary thought, right?