North theatre advances to sectionals in One Act


The entire One Act cast in the final scene of the show.

Leah Dreyer, Co-Centerspread Editor

The One Act cast and crew will advance to the sectional competition, after traveling to Bay Port High School on Friday, Oct. 23, to perform an abridged version of their original adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel Alice in Wonderland in front of three judges and an eager audience.

The group brought the children’s tale to life, giving seemingly one-dimensional characters lives and voices on the stage. The time of the entire production — including setting up and taking down the set, along with all the action in the middles — was 36 minutes and 58 seconds which in accordance to the One Act rules was under the time limit of 40 minutes.

All three District judges had great things to say about the cast, crew, and of course the story and its interpretation. The group has high expectations as 16 years worth of Critic’s Choice awards weigh heavily upon their shoulders.

Now awaits the Sectional Competition taking place Nov. 3 and 4.