Cheers and Jeers Week of 11/05/15

Fatima Ali, Co-Centerspread Editor



Chocolate Chip Cookies-Are you having a bad day?  Are you ready to just give up on life and escape to a deserted island?  Never fear, chocolate chip cookies are here!  A bite out of a delicious cookie will melt all your anxieties away, and you’ll be able to proceed on with the rest of your life.


Chemistry Jokes/Puns-You won’t regret taking a chemistry class after you read through the funny chemistry puns on Facebook!  Each one keeps getting funnier and funnier.  Soon you’ll be finding two isotopes of Helium.


Friendship- If you haven’t already, take some time to thank those people (or pets) who always have your back.  Life would not be complete without a source of friendship, someone who is always there to listen to your random gibberish or comfort you when you may be at your Wit’s end. Yay friends!!


Leftover Halloween Candy-I don’t know about you, but chocolate always brightens my day.  The perks of the week after Halloween include indulging on leftover chocolate.  So folks, enjoy another week of devouring your favorite candy while not having to worry about getting attacked by ghouls, monsters, or witches.


The Greek Alphabet- Don’t have anything exciting to say to your friends during lunch?  Well just think about pi and you’ll be all set!  Who ever knew that this could be such a great conversation starter?  Literally everything in this school can be correlated to some unique Greek letter.  Now you’ll always be prepared to make small talk!



Outrageous Goggle Marks- Let’s face it, science is a very dangerous class.  There is a potential of losing your sight as well as accidentally burning your hand.  Thankfully we all wear (or should be wearing) science goggles.  Alas the bell rings and I take off my goggles.  Suddenly I see these enormous marks on my face and I panic thinking, “How can I make myself look presentable for my next class?!”.  There has to be another way to protect our face, while at the same time maintaining the exact same look we had before we started the experiment.


Ghosts and Vampires-For those of us who are weak at heart, Halloween is a literal nightmare, especially when there are constant ghost and vampire movies constantly being shown on TV.  Halloween day comes and you constantly find ghosts and vampires knocking on your door.  Thankfully you won’t have to worry about these cruel beings, at least not until next year.


Lack of Sleep-It is an utter tragedy waking up at 6 am every single day.  Let’s take some time now to rant and complain about how early we have to wake up.


Flying Pens-It’s worst enough trying to write a DBQ in less than 40 minutes using pens that smear, but what’s even worst is when you write so fast, your pen slips out of your hand and whacks the person sitting next to you right on the face.  It’s not my fault I have so much to write about the Industrial Revolution in so little time.


Horrible Penmanship- Let’s face it, we can’t help how our handwriting looks on paper-especially when we are trying to copy every single itty bitty detail in the middle of an intense class.  But what’s even more annoying is when the person sitting next to you decides to snoop off of your paper, and then proceed to complain about your horrendous penmanship for another 45 minutes.  It’s not my fault that you have to decipher my handwriting because you decided not to pay attention in class.