Women’s hockey season update


A photo from the Appleton United Girls Hockey golf outing.

Salma Abdel-Azim, Contributor

Now that the regular season of Women’s Hockey is over, let’s take a look at their past season shall we? The overall score for the season was eight wins to fourteen losses. It may not have been one of their fantastic seasons, but with their lack of numbers, they have done a fantastic job of steering what they had to success. They only had 13 players, but they sure did prove their opposing teams wrong in their assumption that they would be a weak team. “Now what most people do not realize is that hockey is by far the number one concussion inducing sport, not football or men’s hockey as some may expect,” says senior and player on the women’s hockey team, Leah Dreyer. This fact manifested itself in the many women who received concussions on our women’s hockey team. This is what caused the numerous rescheduling of hockey games. Yet they persisted, and their regular season just ended, with the playoffs in reach. All of our girls are back on the ice, ready to give it all they’ve got. Good luck to all the women’s hockey players. Now let’s all go out give them our support!