Appleton Area School District attendance policy update

As the Appleton Area School District (AASD) continues to strive for excellence for all students, we know that parents, guardians, and families are our most valuable partners. Because attendance plays a key role in student success, we want to communicate recent changes in the AASD Attendance Policy 430.  

Maintaining good attendance is important at all levels. Beginning in Pre-K and continuing through high school, attendance is an important factor for a student’s academic success.  According to, “If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers.”  One role that families play in their students’ success is to make sure their students are in school every day.  Therefore, it is important that schools, families and communities work together to make sure all students have consistent attendance.

Recently, the AASD Board of Education (BOE) made changes and clarifications in the Attendance Policy.  The changes include more specific language related to defining a day of absence as minutes equaling two-thirds of a school day.  Also, the language now clarifies the existing practice that aligns with state statutes: Absences are limited to 10 days per year, including intermittent illnesses (see AASD BOE Attendance Policy 430 paragraph below).

The student may be excused by the parent/guardian under this provision for not more than 10 days in the school year (the 10 days includes excused absences due to intermittent illness).  A student will be considered absent for a full day if they are gone more than two-thirds of a school day or combination of excused absences cumulating to more than two-thirds of a day.

We understand that there are circumstances in which students will miss more than 10 days.  When this happens, we encourage you to work with the school attendance officer (principal or associate principal) to answer any questions you might have, and develop a plan to address future absences or attendance concerns. 

If you have further questions concerning the changes to the AASD BOE Attendance Policy, you can view the entire policy at  We also have resources for parents regarding attendance. Please contact your student’s building principal or attendance officer if you have further questions.  

For concerns regarding barriers to your student’s school attendance, please contact your student’s teacher, school social worker, or school counselor.  We look forward to continuing our collaborative effort in your student’s successful educational experience.