How to be a dynamic fan at Appleton North

Maddie Clark, Sports Editor

As an athlete, I have spent a great deal of my life at sporting events. These sporting events have ranged from swim meets to football games to wrestling meets. At these events, I have seen a wide range of good behavior, but also a wide range of bad behavior. To help boost Appleton North’s sportsmanship, I have decided to write four tips on how to successfully create a safe, yet exciting atmosphere for all.
Be Positive
You may not like the WIAA’s new reinforcements of sportsmanlike conduct that were presented in January, but they are definitely something to keep in mind during a game. Instead of shouting, “We Can’t Hear You” when the opposing fan section is cheering, focus on your own team and the successes they are having in the game. You can do this by cheering loudly or clapping when the team scores. You can even make banners to support your favorite player or friend, as long as they are appropriate and positive. A good mantra to remember this rule is to “Cheer not jeer”.
Dress Appropriately
I think it’s safe to say that you aren’t going to wear shorts and a T-shirt to a football game in the fall. You always need to keep the environment of the sport in mind when planning to attend that sporting competition. The swimming pool is often humid, so wearing a cashmere sweater and jeans isn’t a good idea. A better alternative would be to wear a T-shirt and athletic pants or shorts. A good outfit to wear to a football game or a soccer game would be jeans and a sweatshirt. If you are not sure regarding what you should wear to an event, you can check the weather, consider the location of the sport, or ask a friend on the team for advice on what outfit would suit the environment of the sport.
   Support the Entire Team
You may want to go to a cross country meet because your best friend is participating in it, but there are also many other people who are competing in the same sport from your school. Everyone is needed in order to win a race in cross country, just as everyone is needed to win a football game or a swim meet. While you may support one person more than the others, you also want to cheer on the rest of the team so they can succeed as equally as the person whom you are supporting.
    Have Team Spirit
Sometimes people have a friend from another school and go to a sporting event where their school and their friend’s school are playing against each other. Instead of wearing a sweatshirt from that school, wear your school colors. You go to your school, not your friend’s school, so make sure you represent that concept well. Also, don’t think it’s weird if you deck out in your school’s colors by wearing some outrageous outfit. Going all out on an outfit just shows how much you love your school and its sports teams.
So wear your blue and yellow tutu with those yellow tights, and be proud of it.