Involvement is key in high school


Nora Ptacek, Editor in Chief

Whenever I’m asked to describe what I enjoy most about Appleton North, I say the opportunities offered. Because there are a lot of them, opportunities that is.
As a young freshman these opportunities could seem overwhelming; as a senior perhaps they’re a bit under whelming. Regardless of their perception, these opportunities exist in service of all students. And it’d be naïve not to take advantage of them, to challenge high school’s stereotypical lull through active engagement. It’s one thing to attend class and do homework, it’s another to immerse yourself in fulfilling activities.
Participation in the myriad of clubs, sports, and activities offered in and out of high school must be done in moderation however. Too often, students are pushed to become involved for the wrong reasons and at an incorrect depth. Regardless of the current societal narrative, you cannot and should not do something solely to pad a resume. Because ultimately, why invest your time in something you have no passion for? Time is one of the most rare and valuable resources and must be used thoughtfully.
After becoming involved in many activist related organizations such as Youth in Government, Student Council, and the school paper I realized surface level involvement was a hinderance and stepped out of Student Council despite its undeniable value – an important lesson I learned about balance.
It’s also important that people know there’s no specific formula for involvement. Some students don’t have the ability to invest time in extracurriculars – maybe they care for a family or work long hours.
Being intentional about the investment of time is the best way to have a positive and fulfilling high school experience.