Appleton North’s clubs offer opportunity


Appleton North High School offers many opportunities for involvement. From athletic, academic, to just plain fun, these various clubs provide the student body with a myriad of engagement options. These co-curriculars are rewarding and helpful for many students. Participating in a club during student’s high school career can give them skills they will need later on in life. This is a list of clubs that Appleton North offers students.

Club: Alliance
Advisor: Debbie Strick
Alliance is a safe space for LGBTQ students and allies at North. Everyone is welcome.

Club: Appleton Youth Education Initiative
Advisor: James Huggins
Appleton Youth Education Initiative is an organization that works towards preparing high school students for their lives as adults.

Club: Art Club
Advisor: Terri Westby
Beautify the Appleton North community through the creation and appreciation of art.

Club: Bowling Club
Advisor: Brett Miller
Bowling club offers individual and group competition in the sport of bowling.

Club: Chess Club
Advisor: Shannan Davis
Develop strategic skills in this intellectually competitive club.

Club: Chinese-American Club
Advisor: Steve Sugrue
Explore the Chinese culture in this inclusive globally oriented club.

Club: Debate
Advisor: Steve Gargo
Debate Club, a co-op with Appleton West, allows students to expand their argumentative skills.

Club: DECA
Advisor: Cyndi Dechant
DECA helps teach business management, marketing,and financial responsibility.

Club: Drama Club
Advisor: Ron Parker
Students expand their theatrical knowledge through active participation in musicals, plays, and other events.

Club: Dungeons and Dragons
Advisor: Jamie Sadogierski
The in-depth role playing game is a focal point of the club.

Club: Fashion Club
Advisor: Kelly Camber
Learn the latest trends and explore the world of fashion.

Club: Forensics
Advisor: Paul Miller
Engage in competitive public speaking tournaments.

Club: Friends at North (F.A.N) Club
Advisor: Kathy Deveraux
Spend time with students of all ages and abilities.

Club: Garden Club
Advisor: Sue Davis and Julie Prudom
Spend time outdoors planting and appreciating nature.

Club: Gender Equality
Advisor: Janeal Lee
Gender Equality club has discussions and presentations on gender based subjects.

Club: Environmental Club (H.O.P.E.)
Advisor: Jamie Sadogierski
H.O.P.E stands for Help Our Planet Earth, which member’s strive to do by completing small tasks within the school and the community.

Club: Hmong Club
Advisor: Chad Endres
Engage in and learn about the Hmong culture, in Appleton and around the world.

Club: HOSA
Advisor: Kelly Camber and Kristie Moder
HOSA is a club for future health professionals and those interested in the medical field.

Club: Improvedy Troupe
Advisor: Ron Parker
Improvedy uses humor and quick thinking to entertain audiences at their various shows.

Club: Indian Club
Advisor: Scott Fish
Students in this club learn about the Indian culture in an inclusive environment.

Club: International Club
Advisor: Paula Meyer and Michelle Tesch
Globally oriented individuals explore the cultures of the world in this welcoming club.

Club: Key Club/Peer Helpers
Advisor: Jean Pynenberg and Susanne Bruce
Key Club/Peer Helpers is a two part club that works within the school as well as outside in the community, engaging members in volunteer and presentation work.

Club: Knitting Club
Advisor: Terri Westby
Students learn how to knit in this relaxing club.

Club: Lacrosse Club
Advisor: Mark Ropella
This athletically demanding and competitive sport is open to all North students.

Club: Latino Club
Advisor: Shane Rueckel
Explore the Latino culture in this inclusive club.

Club: Lightning Sledding
Advisor: Kelly Camber
Sledding club seeks to enjoy those Wisconsin winters by having fun with friends.

Club: Link Crew
Advisor: Roberta Baker and Patrick Lee
Link Crew is a group of juniors and seniors who work with incoming freshman to encourage them to be involved in school activities and clubs.

Club: Literary Club
Advisor: Julie Wohlt and Aaron Ramponi
Write, read, and discuss creative works from literary experts, as well as producing the annual literary magazine, the Borealis.

Club: Manga Club
Advisor: Pat Milheiser
Read and discuss manga or Japanese style comics similar to anime.

Club: Math League
Advisor: Kristen Klunder
Math League is a competition based club that helps students develop their math skills through challenging word problems, individual events, and team based problem solving.
Club: Model United Nations
Advisor: Joel Hermansen
Model UN provides students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to represent a country at the UN, helping to develop writing and speaking skills as a result.

Club: National Honor Society
Advisor: Janeal Lee and Jacci Vandenheuvel
National Honor Society is a group of juniors and seniors that excel in their grades and participation in the school, providing opportunities for volunteering and involvement within the community.
Club: Psych Club
Advisor: Eric Eastman
Psych Club provides an opportunity for interested students to learn more about the study of Psychology and the principles of the mind.
Club: Physics and Astronomy
Advisor: Ann Leonard
Physics and Astronomy Club is a space for students who are interested in the natural sciences to meet and discuss concepts and theories in a learning environment.
Club: R.A.I.S.E.
Advisor: Matt Hechel
R.A.I.S.E is a club focusing on the issue of drug prevention within the North community, working directly with the school to end drug use among students.
Club: Rugby Club
Advisor: Brian Gleason
Rugby Club gives sports- minded students an outlet to learn about and participate in rugby games outside of school.
Club: Noctiluca
Advisor: Aaron Ramponi
The Noctiluca is the school’s journalism club, focusing on developing students’ writing and reporting abilities in a production- based teaching style.
Club: Ski & Snowboard Club
Advisor: Paula Meyer
Ski & Snowboard Club provides students the opportunity to get outside and participate in these winter activities with their friends.

Club: Stand Up
Advisor: Curt Salm
Stand up focuses on ending domestic violence and making a difference in the school and community through direct interaction with students and staff.
Club: Student Council
Advisor: Teri Berlowski
Student Council is responsible for the planning and organization of school wide events, and helps to build leadership and volunteering skills in students.
Club: Democratic League
Advisor: Jackie Nider
Democratic League is a space for issue focused students to discuss politics and find opportunities to create change through the Democratic Party.

Club: Teenage Republican Club
Advisor: Elizabeth Platten
Teenage Republican Club is a place for politically minded students to discuss current issues and learn about the Republican Party as a whole.
Club: Yearbook
Advisor: Michelle Ehlers
Yearbook works to develop students’ creative and organizational skills through the creation of an end of the year photo album.