North students share their experiences


Trinity Olson, Feature Editor


As incoming freshmen or even older students who still want to get involved in school activities, it can be difficult to decide what clubs or sports to join. From theater clubs to science clubs, language clubs to social and political clubs, there are an overwhelming amount of opportunities and groups to join. Two Appleton North students shared their experiences in joining clubs, and eventually becoming club leaders.

This year’s Gender Equality leaders, Amara Neitzke and Carl Zuleger, are in clubs ranging from H.O.P.E club to the Democratic League, and both students love being involved. Both entering their junior year, Neitzke and Zuleger were in Gender Equality since their freshman year. Neitzke has been a leader since her sophomore year, and Zuleger is starting as a leader for the first time this upcoming year.
Neitzke stated, “It’s neato burrito that people trust me enough to lead this super enlightening club! Feminism is a part of my everyday life, so it was a super natural thing for me to want to be a leader.” Although there is a difference between leading a club and being a part of a club, both have benefits. As a leader, Zuleger states, “It is really cool to be with a bunch of like-minded people and have influence on where the club goes.”
“As leaders we get to decide on issues the club gets to talk about, [in other words], we have more of a say of what’s going on.” said Zuleger. Neitzke and Zuleger have many ideas that they plan to bring to a reality over the course of this year. Educating and enlightening the students of Appleton North, and hopefully continuing to educate the community is one of their major goals for the future. Creating an opportunity for more students to join and become aware of social injustices is also a goal for this year.
Although they hope that students will join the Gender Equality Club, Neitzke knows that it is difficult to come to every meeting. “Join the club! It’s super easy to just come and hang out! You don’t need to be super committed.”
Neitzke and Zuleger both recommend to get involved in school and participate whenever you can. Joining school activities can help you gain friends and help you in the future.