Humans of Appleton North: Sam Holton

Mickayla George, Contributor

“As a kid I had clubfoot so I had to get it corrected. I had to wear a cast or a brace a lot. Having saws vibrating against your leg to remove the casts are super scary, especially as a kid. My dad is disabled, he has clubfoot. I can’t just go and ask my dad to play catch but we connect in other ways; like watching a movie or listening to music. I’m really close with my uncle, he is kind of like a second dad to me. He makes his own music so that’s cool. I remember being little, and playing on the keyboard with my uncle. I’ve always enjoyed the 80’s era, I love the sound! I just find it all so interesting. I am mostly influenced by my uncle by but my dad likes the same kind of music as well. Oh, I am finally getting to learn to play the drums!”