Humans of Appleton North: Brooke Densmore


Garret Richey, Contributor

“As I get older, there are many things that come up and distract me. So many things in my book keep changing. My titles, my characters…”

Brooke Densmore is a 17 year old aspiring writer and editor from Iowa City, Iowa.  At a young age, Brooke remembers most of her childhood moving around with her mother. Then, at the age of 11, she moved in with her father here in Appleton. She remembers her first years living here, feeling very weird and a little lost. However, the transition could be forgotten with the help of her favorite past time.

“ I’ve always loved writing, and I love to tell people’s stories.”

Her freshman year of high school, she began working on a book, but she came to learn that with high school comes all the distractions it carries. For two years her book process became idle due to grades and other projects of school related manner. This year is the year she has finally come around back to the writing process. Her hopes after high school are to become an editor for a journalism company.