In review: The Head and the Heart’s album ‘Signs of Light’


Photo courtesy of Abbey Desrochers

The Head and the Heart released their new album, “Signs of Light,” on September 9.

Abbey Desrochers and Sophie Mariano, Contributors

“Summer’s gone, now winter’s on its way…” This line from the Head and the Heart’s debut self titled album rings true this September. School has started, and with a change in scenery and the weather comes a change in music. Summer jams are no longer relevant, people. It’s time to break out the fall sweaters and settle into some chill autumn tunes. Luckily, The Head and the Heart, an indie folk band rooted in Seattle, Washington, has released their third album titled, “Signs of Light.”

For those familiar with The Head and the Heart (their song “Rivers and Roads” is most likely the most recognizable), this album may be a bit surprising. While there are still elements of their original sound, which was primarily acoustic guitar and harmonies, “Signs of Light” seems to have a fuller sound, with more instrumental vibes. It’s different, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a listen.

Each song has its own unique story:

“All We Ever Knew” is currently the most popular song off of “Signs of Light.” The catchy melodies make for a jammin’ sing-a-long.  It may sound familiar as it has been played on a few radio stations recently.  As the first song on the album, it does a great job setting the stage for the remainder of the album. (Note: “When you wake up in the morning,” this makes a great alarm.)

“Library Magic” is a perfect example of the exquisite imagery used by The Head and the Heart in their lyrics. Lines such as, “whispering through the dusty aisles” and “I can see the sunshine’s rays gleaming through the clear water” paint pictures in the mind and make for a unique listening experience.

“Turn it Around” is the anthem for all those who need a pick-me-up. “Stand proud, stand strong” is the central message throughout the lyrics.

Overall, while it seemed almost impossible for The Head and the Heart to top their first album, they continue to surprise their listeners by creating new works of art both lyrically and musically. Give it a listen; your head and your heart will thank you.