Horoscopes week of 9/19/16

Horoscopes week of 9/19/16

Sophie Mariano, Contributor

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 18)
Alright Aquarius, the stars know you would prefer it if it were always “your way or the highway”, but unfortunately that’s not life. Getting along with people who disagree with you is a hurdle for us all, but it seems as if it is especially hard for you. So before you find yourself in another social media rant this week, take a deep breath. Remind yourself a different opinion is not a wrong opinion. Even the stars find twitter beef entertaining, but you’re better than that.


Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
Your love of being alone has not gone unnoticed by the stars, Pisces. You’re perfectly content with good music and a good cup of coffee and your own thoughts, and that’s wonderful. Slight problem though, dear Pisces, it is very easy for you to shut out those who care about you most. Try to let them be a part of your world. They really want to!! They’re not asking you about your day for their health, so maybe try to sprinkle some substance into your response instead of your usual, “It was fine.” (Let the record show that the stars truly hope your day was fine, they just want you to elaborate a little bit.)


Aries (March 21- April 19)
It looks as if you will find yourself taking on a leadership role this week, Aries. This is great! You live for this! You are Beyonce always, people look to you, and you know it, so own it. Do what you do best, and bring out the best in others. They’ll love you for it. The stars have nothing but good things to say about you this week, Aries. Prove ‘em right.


Taurus (April 20- May 20)
A loved one or close friend might do something that surprises you this week, Taurus. The stars know you can be a bit overprotective of those you care about but they suggest you take a step back this week. You do you. Let them do them. The stars know this will be a challenge. They suggest you focus on treating yourself. Eat a giant slice of cake, take a long nap, wear comfy sweatpants that are three sizes too big. You can’t control others’ happiness but you can for sure control your own. (And yes, the stars confirm that sometimes happiness is a pair of ginormous sweatpants.)


Gemini (May 21- June 20)
Write down your thoughts this week, Gemini. No, you do not need to do the whole “Dear Diary, you won’t believe what happened today…” thing, but just try to bring pen to paper. Write what you see, what you hear, and yes, maybe even what you feel. The stars think this will free your mind a bit. Who knows? Maybe you’re a poet and you didn’t even know it. (The stars hope you appreciated this joke.)


Cancer  (June 21- July 22)
It looks like you’re going to meet someone new this week, Cancer! It could be your new best friend, the Hannah to your Montana, or maybe it could be your newest enemy, the Papermaker to your Lightning. Only time will tell. You’re known to be naturally suspicious, and that will work in your favor this week. Tread carefully, but don’t burn any bridges just yet. Channel your inner Boy Scout, and always be prepared. Also, if you want to sell the stars some Boy Scout popcorn, they wouldn’t object.


Leo (July 23- Aug. 22)
The stars are not strangers to telling some of the signs to focus on themselves. They have the opposite goal for you this week. They know you have confidence, in fact most people do. During this next week, opportunities will present themselves where you will have the chance to put others’ needs before your own. The stars know we all have self-centered tendencies, Leo. Don’t let these tendencies define you. Loan someone your chromie charger, hold the door open, if you see someone trip in the hall, ask them okay. After you know they are, the stars grant you permission to chuckle a little bit. Don’t worry even the stars think tripping is funny.


Virgo (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)
This week is all about self love, Virgo. We’re talking “pep talks in the bathroom mirror” self love. The stars know you’re beautiful, and so does everybody else, and yet it seems as if you don’t. Don’t let anybody or anything bring you down this week, Virgo. You’ve got a 10/10 would recommend soul, a 10/10 would recommend personality, and a 10/10 would recommend spirit. Don’t you forget it.


Libra (Sept. 23- Oct. 22)
There’s a lot of injustice in our world, dear Libra. And it seems like it’s getting you down. The stars knows it kills you that you feel you can’t do anything to help. When you watch the news this week, and a certain story sends that chill of hatred and anger and sadness down your spine, try to find a different mindset. Focus on what you can do, rather that what you can’t. Believe it or not, there will always be something you can do. The stars can confirm this.


Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 21)
Something will happen this week where your passionate personality will shine through. Actually, you call it passionate. The stars call it something else. Jealously. Yes, yes, they know your heart’s in the right place. But unfortunately not everyone is as understanding as the stars. Your passion may come across as a bit obsessive, and distrusting. Try to look inside yourself and realize when this is happening. Just like Nick Jonas’ song “Jealous, jealously isn’t that great.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)
Spend some time outdoors this week, Sagittarius. Fresh air is good for the soul. Your pine scented car air freshener won’t cut it. Talk a walk in the afternoon sun, if it rains, jump in a puddle. No one is too old for a good old fashioned puddle jump. The stars themselves have been known to love a good frolic in the rain. Youth is a mindset. Be young this week, Sagittarius.


Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan 19)

The world is not going to end this week, Capricorn. The stars aren’t sure what you’re so worried about. Try to stop expecting the worst, and just focus on hoping for the best. You’re attitude recently has been very “chicken little”. The sky is not falling. If it were the stars would be the first to know. And they promise they would let you know.