Humans of Appleton North: Lila Metko

Tiffany Palys, Contributor

Lila Metko found an opportunity to volunteer at Hearthstone, a Historical Museum in Appleton, on a plain Saturday afternoon. While she and her mother were out driving that day, they saw a bunch of people standing outside of the museum dressed in all sorts of costumes. Lila had suggested to stop by and take a look around to see what it was all about. Inside, she was given a tour around the museum.

“It was a beautiful place and one of the things that amazed me the most is the story of the girl who lived in the original house and scratched her and her fiance’s initials in one of the house windows with her wedding ring.”

After the exciting adventure, Lila was told by one of the ladies, who worked at Hearthstone that, “they could use young ladies like her around to help out.” Lila was so interested with this historical place, that she began working during the summers before the start of her high school years.

“At first it was hard because I was one of the only young people at Hearthstone. Talking to some of the people who have been volunteering for over 30 years seemed intimidating. Once I worked there for awhile, I was able to learn a lot of valuable things from them.”

Lila continues to work at the Historical Museum during her summers and sometimes during the school year. She said she has a blast every time she goes there.

“I really like working there and working with the people. Sometimes you get a 6-year-old boy or elderly people, a variety of ages.”