Humans of Appleton North: Maren McLeish


Sydney Pomrening, Contributor

“My favorite place in the world is actually quite fluid. It is anywhere that is peaceful where I can read a good book, enjoy a cup of tea, and listen to my music. I have found little hideaways all over that fit this profile from Door County to Chicago. When I am reading, I get into a trance that is unbreakable, and that is why I love to find new places all over that can be my favorite for reading a novel that can transform you somewhere completely different than where you are in at that moment in time. I love anything quaint and unique that gives you the sense that you are experiencing something special on your own, like a storybook.”

Maren is a DECA officer, captain for Girls Swimming and Diving, Link Crew member, Community Service Coordinator, and supervisor at Toms Drive-In. She, like any high school student, has her own unique way to balance her work and her free time.