Humans of Appleton North: Andrea Calzada-Vera

Madelyn Kapheim, Contributor

Andrea Calzada-Vera aspires to become the reason for smiles and laughs all throughout TV watching, newspaper reading homes around the world. This is exactly how the silly cartoons made her feel when she was a kid. Through the business of life, cartoons have always been a constant way of relaxation and a way to uplift her mood.

“My favorite to watch as a kid was ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’.”

Her passion for watching cartoons has been with her forever, but drawing them herself is something fresh. She officially starting to cartoon in 7th grade, inspired by some friends who also liked to sketch cartoons.  

In no time at all, cartooning became a comfort and somewhat of an escape from Andrea’s busy life. Doodling more silent cartoons than written ones, she seems to be drawn more to the sketching aspect of cartoons. In fact, this summer she participated in “a cartoon a day” and made a snippet or even a full strip a day every day over summer vacation. Some of her favorite original cartoons consist of Garrot The Evil Carrot.

Garrot The Evil Carrot makes my little brother and dad giggle.”

Making people laugh is one of the main reasons she likes making cartoons. She hopes one day she can have that effect on more than just family members.