North alumni reflect on Homecoming

North alumni reflect on Homecoming

Lila Metko and Mickayla George

Homecoming is a big deal to high schoolers. It’s a week to dress up in costumes, cheer for your school’s team, and wear fancy clothes to go to a formal dance. When high school ends so does homecoming week, but for many North Alumni it remains an important memory.

Homecoming always was just a good excuse to start the year off having fun with people you enjoy being around,” said Ryan Weyker, a North alum. “I think about how much fun I had that whole week.”  

For Weyker, sports meant a lot during Homecoming week. “My senior year we beat Kimberly for homecoming,” he said. “That was a blast! It’d be nice to see North beat Kimberly again soon.” 

“I think about homecoming. I miss the dress up days, football, the pep rally! I miss it,” said Ruby Hoffman, an alum from the Class of 2016. The dress up days seem to be a favorite with North Alum.

“Of course I participated in the dress-up days!” said Hoffman. “I loved them. Maybe some more than others, yet I always made an effort to dress up accordingly.”

The dress up days for homecoming week have always been an important tradition but they haven’t always had as much enthusiasm over the years.  

“When I was in high school people would wear just a T-shirt or something,” said Mrs. Vanderloop, a former North student, who said “people go all out now.” “Teachers really didn’t dress up then, you’d have your handful of fun teachers. I’d say more teachers dress up now.”

Homecoming proposals have also changed. “People have become very elaborate and adorable. Seeing all the photos of the creative ways people have been asked warms my heart,” Hoffman said.

Homecoming can be such a fun and magical time.

“When I was in high school I went to the dance. There was lots of dancing,” Vanderloop said while smiling.

My favorite Homecoming memory has to be when I had my first slow dance with one of my best friends (who was a boy). It made my night,” Hoffman said. “Homecoming week to me means school spirit, tailgating, Friday night football, and getting all dolled up for the dance.”