League of Women Voters registering students to vote during IE time today


Nora Ptacek and Maddy Schilling, Editor-in-Chief and Culture Editor

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, will be helping students register to vote before school and will stay until 10:15. “We will still help them, as long as we have people coming in,” noted Jacqueline Klimaszewski, a volunteer with The League of Women Voters. “We work with each of the high schools and come back for each election,” said Ms. Klimaszewski.

Those who are eligible to vote should take advantage of this opportunity and register before Oct. 19 which is the day mail in registrations are no longer accepted. If students register to vote after Oct. 19 they will have to go into the city clerk’s office or take their form with them on voting day.  

“Our whole government is based on participation, that’s what democracy is about. If you have a participatory government and people aren’t participating, that’s not going to work out very well,” said Ms. Klimaszewski.


For more information, students can visit http://myvote.wi.gov