Humans of Appleton North: Angelica Beltran

Tiffany Palys, Contributor

Angelica Beltran, who goes by the name “Jelly”, has a huge passion for dancing and is determined to continue to dance as a career. Being inspired by her mom who also did dance at a young age and a favorite TV show called, “So You Think You Can Dance?. Along with that, both of her parents encouraged her to try something that inspired her.

When Angelica was 12, she began dancing at the Pep In Your Step Dance Studio where she met a group of girls she would be dancing with for the next few years. She’s learned many dances from her instructor, dances like ballet,
contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, tap, and jazz. “I found a passion and could express myself through dancing.”

Angelica has gone to multiple dance activities such as going to a dance convention where choreographers were teaching them different combinations, so they can express themselves more. She has met a famous contestant and even participated in multiple dance competitions. “Oh, I was so excited to go and meet new people!”

Having a big dream, one that involves Angelica working within the dance industry sometime in the future, might not go according to plan. However, she has a back up where she will find an opportunity to work with little kids. “I see myself in five years at a college that has a major in Choreography and teaching skills.”