Packers offense finally ignites in huge win vs. Bears

Kyle Hoffenbecker, Contributor

An offensive turnaround was needed this week for the Packers, and they got it done in convincing fashion. For the first time in 13 games, Aaron Rodgers tallied 300 yards passing in a game for the Packers. A slow start didn’t stop the offense in the first half, however, only putting up 6 points in a defensive controlled first half.

The Packers came out in the second half with touchdowns on their mind. They were shut out of the end zone even though they had three opportunities to score a touchdown in the first half.

After a costly fumble by Aaron Rodgers which led to a Bears touchdown, the offense finally showed signs of life when Rodgers found Davante Adams for a touchdown and the Packers never looked back. Adams would add another touchdown, while Randall Cobb would add another later in the game.

The Packers won by a score of 26 to 10, but they don’t play again until Oct. 30. They play the Atlanta Falcons, in what will be a must-win in order for the Packers to prove that they are once again, a top dog in the NFL. The Bears, on the other hand, will host the undefeated Minnesota Vikings on Halloween Night on Monday Night Football.