Athletes of the Month: Annika Rossebo and Nick Smidt

Maddie Clark, Sports Editor

Name: Annika Rossebo

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Karate

  1. How did you get into karate?


I got into karate because my younger brother had started and I thought it might be fun so I joined too. I knew I wanted to continue after my first class.

  1. How often do you train for karate?

I train two to four times a week. Every three months I have to pass a test to move on to the next rank.

  1. What belt are you?

I am a second-degree black belt which required five years of training.

  1. Why do you do karate?

I do karate because it challenges me and is a unique sport. There are so many different things I have trained for, ranging from self-defense to forms, which is a complicated series of movements, to weapons such as nunchucks, kamas, and bo staff. We also learn how to spar which is fighting with some gear on. I have learned not only great martial arts skills but also a lot about goal setting and leadership.

  1. What is your personal goal for karate?

I am currently working towards my goal of earning my third-degree black belt, which requires three more years of training added onto the five for second-degree. After rigorous training every weekend for three months preceding my test, I will earn my third-degree black belt in the fall of 2018.

Name: Nick Smidt

Grade: Senior

Sport: Soccer 

Nick Smidt
Nick Smidt
  1. How did you get involved in soccer?


I’ve been involved since I was four at the Appleton Soccer Club, and I’ve been playing ever since.

  1. What is your position that you play?

I play center defensive mid, which means that I run up and down the field to both attack as well as defend.

  1. What are some of your personal and team goals for soccer?

I have two major goals really, one of them personal and the other in regards to the team as a whole. My personal goal is to pass the ball around as much as possible and give them as many chances to score. As for my team goal, I believe we can win conference again as we did last year. Although we lost many starters last year, I believe we can do even better by playing as a team and including everybody to achieve a team win.

  1. What do you love most about soccer?

I think what I love most about soccer is that it is a continuous flowing game that leaves a lot of room for improvisation and unique team combinations, as well as plenty of opportunity for crazy plays and intense games.

  1. Why do you feel people should come to soccer games?

I believe you should come to soccer games because not only are they interesting and often intense games, but it’s also a great social event, and chances are, one of your friends are already there!

  1. Finish this sentence: At the end of the season, Appleton North Boys’ Soccer will be…

In the Wisconsin state playoffs. If we all have our heads in the right place and play as a team, we have a very good shot at making it to state.