Athletes reflect on their goals for the future


Photo by Maddie Clark

Britt Horn, who’s verbally committed to swimming at University of Minnesota Twin Cities, diving into the pool at a meet.

Maddie Clark, Sports Editor

Name: Britt Horn

Grade: Senior

Sport: Swimming

Noctiluca: How did you get introduced to swimming?

Britt: I got introduced by starting off in swim lessons and progressing towards the swim team.

N: Who are some swimmers you look up to?

B: I look up to Lauren Hilt and Missy Franklin. Both are extraordinary people and great swimmers, I aspire to be like them everyday.

N: What are some of your aspirations for swimming?

B: [I want] to continue to swim in college and become the best swimmer I can be at the collegiate level.

N: How do you plan on achieving your goals for swimming?

B: I plan on achieving my goals by constantly working hard and receiving support from my family and teammates.

Name: Jenna Miller

Grade: Senior

Jenna Miller giving her team high fives as she runs onto the court.

Sport: Volleyball

Noctiluca: How were you introduced to volleyball?

Jenna: I was introduced to volleyball in fifth grade at Catholic Central. I have been playing ever since and have enjoyed every second of it.

N: Who are some volleyball players you look up to?

J: Some volleyball players I look up to are my friends Maddy Ahrens and Hope Werch. Maddy has a work ethic and drive that I will always look up to. She is always looking to push other people to be the best they can be. Hope Werch is the star of the Neenah volleyball team and one of my best friends. She has an incredible attitude and is the most competitive person I know.  

N: What are some of your aspirations in volleyball?

J: Some of my aspirations and goals I have for the high school season is winning conference and hopefully making it back to the state tournament. For my future plans, I am hoping to attend a four year college playing competitive volleyball at a high level.

N: How do you plan on achieving these goals?

J: I plan on achieving these goals by staying focused and giving 100% every day. I won’t ever take my sport for granted because I never know when I won’t be able to play anymore. The girls’ volleyball team will work hard on staying consistent and making this season count. If we play as a family, we will win as one.