Comparing perspectives: How liberal student views the 2016 election

Alex Laux

On Nov. 8, the nation faces one of the most important decisions — electing a new president. This election is like none ever before. Clearly, it is also capturing the attention of the entire globe. With big personalities like businessman Donald Trump as one of the candidates, media coverage is bound to be widespread and frequent. And though his election can seem more like a fictional TV show than the decision of the United States’ next president, it is important to do your part by voting. Being aware of the platforms and ideas of each candidate will help provide you and voters with the information necessary to cast an educated ballot. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the democratic candidate for this 2016 presidential election, and she has plans to help you.

Secretary Clinton is looking out for the common working class American and their families. Like a compassionate politician should, she cares for her constituents and wants to help them, not big business. Hillary believes in creating a fair tax system in which big businesses and Wall Street will pay their fair share. While closing the loopholes on Wall Street, Clinton has plans to provide tax cuts to small business. “It’s outrageous that multi-millionaires and billionaires are allowed to play by a different set of rules than hardworking families, especially when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes,” says Clinton. She very firmly believes in keeping jobs here in the United States and creating jobs in communities. Clinton’s five-point plan works to achieve an economy that benefits all by making debt free college available to everyone, rewriting the rules so companies share their profits with employees, and raising the national minimum wage. Secretary Clinton’s overall goal is to provide relief and higher income to the everyday family, not to favor big business.

It is very clear that equality amongst all people is still not a constant factor. Women only make about 80 cents to a man’s dollar and do not have full control of their reproductive health. Members of the LGBT community do not have the same basic rights and respect as cis-gendered and straight people do in the workplace and the community. Immigrants are discriminated against and families are torn apart through difficult naturalization processes. Racial profiling is active in the police forces. To eliminate inequality, Clinton plans to stand with Planned Parenthood; provide paid work leave, including family leave; give federal basic rights to LGBT persons; and promote naturalization of immigrant families while keeping them together.

Every American deserves health care, and Secretary Clinton plans to provide greater ease in healthcare. Clinton will defend the Affordable Care Act, which provides health care coverage to over 20 million people, and combine mental health care with physical health care which will provide psychiatric care to everyone. Clinton wants to launch a National Suicide Prevention initiative. Overall, Secretary Clinton wants to provide healthcare to every American. No one deserves to live with the unrest of not having health coverage.

Secretary Clinton has big plans for the country that will help provide a better current state and a better future. She is looking to protect every American’s rights. She plans to raise the incomes of American families. She will protect and clean up the environment. She will make sure all Americans have access to healthcare. Hillary Clinton has goals; she has lists of things she wants to achieve, and she has plans on how to achieve these goals instead of simply stating she has “big plans.” Hillary Clinton is an experienced politician who looks out for her constituents and sees her constituents as people. President Clinton will look out for you.