Humans of Appleton North: Simon Elliot Garb

Amara Neitzke

Simon Garb sat across from me wearing a Hello-Kitty necklace and a leather jacket covered in patches and pins. His long blonde hair with brown accents was messy but it was still well- kept.  Simon Elliot Garb is someone that you can not walk past and ignore. His appearance alone is intriguing but his mind is something that nobody will be able to understand. He has a genuine inviting aura about him but somehow still intimidates me. Intelligent and witty remarks roll off of his tongue with ease. Every question I asked, he was prepared.

Simon Garb is an innovative creator producing art and music. When asked what made him want to start making music, he said, “I don’t know, I just woke up one day and did it because I wanted to.” Garb attributes his influence in music to Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The Gorillaz. Along with music, art has been in Simon’s veins since he was little. He has always loved to draw and produce art. It is what he is passionate about. Besides art and music, you can tell Simon genuinely cares for people. He shared that he wants to build a glass homeless shelter. Why glass? “I want it to have a constant stream of vitamin D… that alleviates symptoms of depression.” Garb aspires for it to be as beautiful as the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Simon said he wants to be remembered as, “that guy that was so out of the norm, like someone you’ve never met before.” So far, he is doing an extraordinary job at being one-of-a-kind. I then proceeded to ask if he had any life mottoes, and although it took him a minute he responded with, “not a day wasted.” Before this time of getting to know Simon Garb, he intrigued me, but after the brief interview I was more captivated by him. Simon said his friends would describe him as, “creative, hard-working, and loud,” and although I don’t disagree I would add, impactful, efficient, and kind. Although he is only 15, he is an aged soul with a plethora of wisdom, art, and music to share with the world.