Athletes of the Month: Will Monroe and Lydia Dean

Maddie Clark, Sports Editor

Name: Will Monroe

Grade: Junior

Sport: Boys’ Volleyball

1. When did you get involved in volleyball?
I started playing volleyball my freshman year. I have been playing club and North volleyball since the tryout that summer.
2. How did you get involved in volleyball?
I had heard about the team and knew a couple of people that were going to be trying out for the team that year. So I went to some of the open gyms to see what it was like since I had never played before. I honestly didn’t really feel like volleyball was the sport for me after the open gym, but my parents made me try out and I made the team! I’m so glad now that they made me try out.
3. What was your favorite moment from volleyball this season?
My favorite moment this season is beating Appleton West at Fond du Lac. It was close the entire game, and we played really well as a team to get the win.
4. What is your favorite thing about volleyball?
I enjoy all parts of volleyball, but one of the most rewarding parts is getting a dig. It gives a great feeling knowing that you spoiled one of the opponents hard swing, especially when you can get a kill off of the dig.
5. Why do you feel people should come to volleyball games?
Students should come to the volleyball games because the games are always intense, and it is really easy to get into the game just by watching and cheering.
6. What goals do you have for volleyball?
My goals for the next year of volleyball is to win conference and hopefully make a state title run.

lydiadeanPhoto used with permission by Lydia Dean.

Name: Lydia Dean

Grade: Senior

Sport: Girls’ Tennis

1. When did you get involved in tennis?
I started playing tennis in 7th grade by joining the summer group lessons at Center Court in Fond du Lac, which was an indoor club there.
2. How did you get involved tennis?
When I was about 6, I used to play with friends but stopped after about a year. In seventh grade, I really wanted to pick it up again, as I wanted another sport to play alongside the competitive swimming I was doing already.
3. What was your favorite moment from tennis this past season?
My favorite moment from the season was winning a three-set match against Oshkosh West. The rest of my teammates were done with their matches while I was just finishing my second set. It was great to win the 3-hour match after putting so much energy and time into it.
4. What is your favorite thing about tennis?
My favorite thing about tennis is practicing [during] group lessons at the Fox Cities Racquet Club. It’s such a nice environment there with amazing coaches and players who make the group so fun.
5. Why do you feel people should come to tennis meets?
Most tennis players really enjoy having people there cheering them on, including me. Tennis is really tough mentally when playing in matches, so the support can really help.
6. What goals do you have for tennis?
Now that I have no more seasons, my new goal is to play in USTA tournaments and leagues. This way I can continue to play in a competitive setting. In addition to that I also want to play intramural when in college.