Freshmen Gold Team gives back to those in need


Photo by Olivia Molter

Jacob Zajkowski, Junior Editor-in-Chief

Gold Team freshmen were busy as bees Thursday morning, making crafts aplenty to spread cheer and happiness to those around them.

Origami cranes for the Children’s Hospital, letters to military personnel, and tie blankets for Harbor House and the Homeless Shelter were all being made with vigor and excitement.

Starting with the Gold Team’s annual Adopt-A-Family, the string of ideas to help the community was born. Gold Team teachers selected a group of students to help come up with ideas and they came back with more than they were asked for. Civics teacher on the Gold Team, Mr. Curtis Salm, explained that the team had also completed a Google form to bring in ideas from all the freshmen.

“It’s better than I ever dreamed. This is an incredible group of students,” Salm said. “What these kids are doing really correlates to the North Nine.”

“It’s a really positive group this year,” said Mr. Steve Sugrue, Gold Team science teacher and adviser of the tie blankets. “They’ve made a big impact on those involved and raised more money than ever before.”

In total, the Gold Team made around 60 tie blankets and over 200 snack mixes for Harbor House and the Homeless Shelter. The freshmen also wrote upwards of 60 letters for those in the armed forces and made countless origami cranes for the Children’s Hospital.

“The students this year took it upon themselves to do these projects,” said Mr. Reed Rudie, ELA teacher on Gold Team and adviser of the letters to servicemen and women. “Sometimes, it’s amazing what students will do for others. I think doing these things for good makes them feel good too.”