First Ever Senior Superlative Award Show


Madelyn Kapheim, Contributor

The senior class will have the first senior superlative award show on this Friday, Jan. 27, in the auditorium during IE time.

There are 18 different superlative categories, in each of the 18 categories there will be two winners, the winners are not gender specific as opposed to previous years. Each of the winners was picked by the senior class in two waves of online voting. During the show, the two winners from each category will be recognized and awarded a treat courtesy of Great American Cookie.
This event was created by Brittany Horn. I asked Horn how she came up with this idea for an award show for the senior class.

“I am an editor for the yearbook and was in charge of creating new superlatives for the 2016-2017 yearbook. With the help from Mrs. Pavelski, we came up with the idea of the award show to make it more interesting for the seniors.”
After collaborating with Mrs. Pavelski and Mrs. Ehlers (the yearbook advisor) she had to present the idea to Mr. Huggins and administration.
“Administration was very optimistic of my idea,” Horn said. With this event being new, administration voiced some questions about how the event would run and the new superlative categories. ‘’Despite concern, without their support this would not be happening,” Horn said.
Mr. Huggins is excited for the start of this possible new tradition.
“I love the fact that it has been student led (with staff advisor support) and I believe it will provide additional opportunities for students to be recognized. In the past this was much more limited and I believe most seniors saw it in the yearbook at the conclusion of their year. Given the positive energy and planning done to make it a fun event, it looks to be a very positive assembly for the senior class, especially as we begin the second semester. That too, is a good thing to have happen with whole group in attendance. Efforts were given by advisors, students, as well as my own thoughts, to try to increase the number of superlatives and students being recognized while still allowing for some creativity to be added to the more traditional mix.” Said Mr. Huggins.
After the event, Mrs. Ehlers said “Yearbook has left a whole spread open for the event itself to be featured in the yearbook as well as all 18 of the different categories.”