Senior Superlative event called a success

Lila Metko, Contributor

The first annual senior superlatives awards show Friday, Jan. 28 generated a lot of happy reactions from North students and staff, including many who hope that this tradition will continue next year.  

“I think those involved put a lot of work into this year’s effort and did a fine job,” Principal James Huggins said of the event.

The auditorium was packed with seniors cheering for their classmates as the superlative winners were announced. Each winner received a cookie cake and posed for a picture with The Great American Cookie.

“It was a really cool way to get people involved and get people excited about stuff,” senior and announcer for the event Carmen Danz said. “And get cookies, really.”

“It went nice,” said Mrs. Ehlers, teacher and yearbook adviser who helped with the event. “They did a really good job.”

A lot of practice and preparation went into the event.

“We got our script the day of,” Danz said. “We had gone through logistically the day before with Mrs. Ehlers.”

“It was smooth and it went as well as planned,” senior and announcer Mitch Mologne said. “We exceeded expectations.”

According to Mr. Huggins the awards show “provided an opportunity to highlight and recognize many more students within the senior class.”

With 18 different categories and two students picked for each category, there were opportunities for 36 seniors to be highlighted in the awards show. Last year only 19 students were recognized in the yearbook for senior superlatives.

“In my opinion, the people who won fit the categories,” Mologne said. “The people who won every superlative deserved it. There are just certain people who might not be perceived as popular but (are) popular in that specific category.”

From the excited reactions of the seniors and the large number of cookie cakes given out, many of the people involved saw this event as a success.

“It could become a new tradition,” Huggins said.