Lovestruck Week spotlights Rodney


Alex Hohman

North students who participated in Rodney Day Thursday during Lovestruck Week gather in the main stairwell during IE time for a group photo. The real Rodney is front and center.

Jack Heimerl, Contributor

Rodney is known throughout Appleton North, known enough to make a theme day about him.

People always wonder why he wears a fanny pack. It all started when Rodney was doing trivia over the announcements and was giving out solids if they got the trivia right. There was so much candy, he needed something to carry it in.

It has now become just something people know Rodney for, his fanny pack full of candy.

When asked, Rodney said he spends about $30-$35 a week on candy. That adds up to $15,000 over his 15 years of working at North. So next time you see Rodney, say thanks for the candy.