Proposal Story: Mr. Gundrum and his dinner for two


Andrea Calzada-Vera, Contributor

Twenty-eight years ago, after transferring to Cardinal Stritch College in Milwaukee, Mr. Gundrum met his wife Tamie.

His wife worked at the check-in desk in the dorms where he was living. He would stop by and talk about general things with her. The two didn’t have any classes together, but the college campus was small. Mr. Gundrum would see her in different places with her friends and in the commons for lunch.

“We started to live off campus for quite a while. After some time, I decided to propose,  and I bought the ring. I had the ring in my pocket during dinner. I made up a story, so it would be a surprise. I took her to one of our favorite restaurants. After dinner, I took her to a quaint and quiet spot on campus. While we were talking, I took out the ring and I thought she would just say yes, but she made me ask.” Mr. Gundrum chuckled. “She said yes. It was exciting and a little scary, but not in a bad sense.”

The couple married in June, and have been together for twenty-two years.

“If I were to brag about her,” Mr. Gundrum said, “I would say she’s very outgoing, extroverted, and self-confident. We were an example of how opposites attract. I was the reserved one; she was the socialite.”

Mr. Gundrum appreciates her support throughout the years. They have been there for each other during some of life’s tough times. He thinks being supportive of each other helps to grow and evolve.

“After being with her, I’ve changed quite a bit. You learn that it is not always about your priorities, wants, and preferences. You share almost everything,” said Mr. Gundrum.