ACT Aspire test schedule

ACT Aspire test schedule

Noctiluca Staff

The ACT Aspire test dates are April 25, 26 and 27. On those days, freshman and sophomores will report to their homerooms with a fully charged Chromebook at 7:3o and will test until 9:35, while juniors and seniors will report to their first hour at 9:38 following the schedule below.


5-minute warning bell rings-9:33

1st Hour- 9:38-10:14

2nd Hour- 10:19-10:59 (PA announcements)

3rd Hour- 11:04-11:40

4th Hour- 11:45-12:21

5th Hour- 12:26-1:02

6th Hour- 1:07-1:43

7th Hour- 1:48-2:24

8th Hour- 2:29-3:05