Breaking news: Dr. Judy Baseman named new AASD superintendent for next school year

Dr. Judy Baseman has been named the new Appleton Area School District superintendent, according to Kay Eggert, vice president of the Board of Education.

Board of Education approval of the new superintendent contract will take place at the scheduled April 24 board meeting. The new superintendent will assume duties July 1.

“The Board is very pleased with Baseman. They started with three high quality candidates to interview. The Board thinks that Baseman has attributes that will serve the district well in the future,” Eggert said.

Baseman is currently an assistant superintendent of AASD and has been for 10 years. Baseman’s replacement will be searched for in the upcoming months through a separate search process.

The search for a new superintendent began with the announced retirement of Mr. Lee Allinger, who served the district for 33 years, 10 of which were as superintendent.