Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Review: Something Old and Something New


Sam Holton, Contributor

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a hilariously fun addition to the already large Marvel Cinematic Universe. The over the top Kingsmen-esque style of the action in this movie is a complete step away from the style of the first in the series. The sequences and locations the battles take place in are breathtaking, such as the planet Ego with its lush green forests, beautiful plains, and mysterious caverns, as a viewer you truly want to believe these places exist. Though, the film does sometimes hit the point where it is too over the top. When it hits the right balance though, especially when it’s mixed with the movie’s soundtrack full of 70’s rock, it creates something truly enjoyable for everyone. This is also somewhat true of the humor in the film. Some jokes absolutely fall on their face, while others will have you laughing hard in your seat. Mainly the jokes that were re-hashed were the least entertaining, but the unexpected one liners and sequences that truly do come out of left field are some of the best in Marvel movies to date.


In the grander scale of all of the movies in the Cinematic Universe, I truly believe this movie is alluding to the direction the entire series of Marvel movies will be taking thematically from this point on. Additionally the movie gives clues to how the universe will be growing and expanding for future movies such as Thor: Ragnarok, and it also gives clues for future characters we might see appear in the universe at a later date.


Overall, I would chalk this up as another success for Marvel. Even with its shortcomings, this movie creates a truly fun viewing experience, especially if take some friends along for the ride.
Score: 8/10