Freshman Advice


Amara Nitezke, Social Media Editor

Being an incoming freshman can be overwhelming; however, the Noctiluca editors came up with a few slices of advice to make your freshman year less stressful.

Firstly, do not hesitate to ask upperclassmen and staff members for help. Whether you need guidance finding classes or have questions about the school, we are all here to help make freshman year a smooth transition (we’ve all been there). Once you are settled into north and know all of the back staircases and shortcuts, be sure to focus in class. Obviously focusing is a given, but do not slack off; maintain a solid GPA when it is easy to do so. After a long week in the halls, show up at football games on Friday nights. That goes for any sporting event…show up, show encouragement, and have fun.

Because freshman usually have a lighter load of homework, be sure to push yourself to find a club or two that you enjoy. Being involved in a club is one of the best ways to meet new people and gives you an opportunity to be involved in an extracurricular if you’re not keen on sports.

Lastly, hallway etiquette is highly important (some upperclassmen may need a reminder on some of these). Such as stay to the right wherever you are walking. Do NOT stand in the middle of the hallway to talk to your friends. Instead, find a little nook in one of the hallways to stand off to the side.

Most of us at, the end of the day, are just trying to make it to 3:05 with the least amount of human interaction as possible. Freshman, if you keep these tips in the back of your mind throughout your high school career, I guarantee life will be slightly easier. Remember, high school is an awkward time where everyone is attempting to make sense of their life, be kind to each other.