Cheers and Jeers Week of 10/9/17

Cheers and Jeers Week of 10/9/17

Sarah E. Fleming, Online Editor


Late Start: unless you have PSAT testing, you’ll get to sleep in this Wednesday.

Haunted Houses: they aren’t for the weak of heart, but they are so much fun!

Fall Colors: oranges, blacks, purples, reds, and yellows.


Pumpkin Spice: even if you love pumpkin spice, you have to acknowledge that it has spread everywhere. From pumpkin spice cereal to pumpkin spice lip balm, you can never escape pumpkin spice.

Time: it feels like it has been eight years since school started, but it has actually been about a month.

Heavy Backpacks: carrying around those heavy textbooks five days a week is making my back hurt!