Freshman Homecoming Opinions


Rachel Kairys, Contributor

Homecoming has a different meaning to everyone. You don’t really know what to expect every year. Freshmen, on the other hand, have never gone to an actual dance, so I took the chance to interview some freshmen and asked them all a few questions.

The first question I asked was an easy one: ¨Are you going to Homecoming? If so, why are you going?¨ I was interested as to what they had to say to this question since a lot of upperclassmen and postgraduates talk about their memories. Next question: ¨What do you expect?¨ To have lots of fun? Dance your heart out? Maybe even laugh so hard you cry? And, the final question: ¨What are your feelings towards going? Excited, nervous, both, or something else?¨

Out of 18 people, the final results are that 14 people (78%) are going, and 11 of those 14 people (79%) are going because of their friends; while the others are going ¨just because¨, or for their high school experience. Most people said theyŕe expecting to have fun, and listen to good music. 10 people (71%) were excited, none were nervous, and 4 people (29%) were somewhere in between.

From my perspective as a freshman, I went because of friends and I wanted to see what it´s like since lots of people talk about it and it´s in several popular movies, just because it’s something most people like to go to during their high school careers. I expected to have lots of fun and enjoy my time there with others. My feelings towards going included nervous, but excited to go to the dance; nervous just because I wasn’t sure how it would be, but excited because it’s my first dance.

After Homecoming, I interviewed those same people about what they thought of the dance. I wanted to see if the dance lived up their expectations, so the questions I asked were: ¨Was it what you expected? Why or why not?¨ ,¨Did you have fun?¨, and the last question was: ¨Would you go again next year, and why or why not (based on your experience from this year)?¨. 6 of the 14 people (43%) that went said it wasn’t quite what they expected, because the music choice wasn’t the best and it was slightly boring in some opinions. 11 (79%) of them had lots of fun, though, and 11 (79%) would for sure go again next year. So overall, some things they would have liked to be different would be better music and have the lights off most of the time. Personally, I enjoyed it most of the time, and it was fun going with lots of people. It was somewhat what I expected, just because there were a lot of people there and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with them in the first place. However, I would go again next year. Even if their expectations weren’t lived up from this year, some people are still excited for their years to come. They can still share stories with people at any time, now that they’ve experienced how high school dances truly are.