Appleton North holds Veterans Day Ceremony


Noctiluca Staff

“Veteran’s Day is an important observance. I think it is very easy to take what we have for granted.  To forget how we got where we are as a country would be a shame, and most young people don’t think about this often enough,” Mr. Thaldorf, North Band Director, said.

Friday, Nov. 11, Appleton North will be holding a ceremony for Veterans Day in order to commemorate military alumni and those who have served. The ceremony will take place during extended I/E, which has been moved between seventh and eighth hour. Held in the auditorium, the music and drama departments have put together a program to give respect and thanks to those who have given for America. Coupled with student-made presentations, the music department will be playing various songs for the veterans, families, and students of North.

Choir will sing the National Anthem as well as Flanders Fields. Orchestra will play Folk Tune Air. “[Folk Tune Air] is very similar to ‘Ashokan Farewell,’ which is associated with the Civil War. The folk tune, Americana sound of it felt appropriate for Veterans Day,” Mr. Kellenberger, North Orchestra Director, said.

Band will be playing a medley of the military branch themes, along with Nathan Syring and Mr. Thaldorf, who will play “Taps.” The theatre department will be doing dramatic readings from Afghanistan/Wisconsin. “Afghanistan/Wisconsin is an important show to see the side of veterans that you don’t usually see. Veterans in the audience should be able to relate to the readings since they’re who Afghanistan/Wisconsin came from,” Emily Tesch, North Junior, said.

After the ceremony, a reception will be held for veterans and their families in the LGI.

“Veterans Day was made to honor those people who have sacrificed so much, sometimes even their lives. It’s important that we honor them for what they gave.” Mr. Kellenberger said.