Humans of Appleton North: Nicholas Welhouse


Ciaran Cole, Contributor

North High School is pleased to have Mr. Welhouse join our community of teachers and students. He currently is a long-term substitute teacher and is filling in for Mrs. Delzer, a biology teacher at North. He was born in Appleton, WI, and attended East High School. Later on, he was able to procure his degree at UW Madison. Mr. Welhouse has been involved with teaching for ten years. He has worked for around six years in the Fox Valley area. He has been part of the staff as either a part-time or full-time member at Appleton Central High School, Madison Middle School, East High School, Magellan Middle School, Kaukauna High School, and Beloit Memorial High School.

When not working, Mr. Welhouse enjoys being out in nature. One of his favorite activities is hiking around various state parks in the area, along with being passionate about his job. He got into his career based on his love for helping students make connections with all the concepts that science has to offer. One of his favorite things to teach about is adaptations and evolution. Units about environmental science, natural resources, and biology will be covered in his classes.

Mr. Welhouse enjoys working at North High School, and he appreciates the level of maturity and self-sufficiency that our students have shown him. He hopes you can look forward to having a lot of hands-on learning experiences and chances to get outside the classroom to learn when in his class. Even though Mr. Welhouse has only worked at North for a short time, he wants to let everyone know that they can ask him any questions and treat him like any other staff member. Feel free to visit Mr. Welhouse with any of your concerns. Mr. Welhouse will probably be sticking around until February and will finish out the semester for Mrs. Delzer’s classes. Be sure to greet Mr. Welhouse if you pass by him in the halls!